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Rosario & Vampire Season 2 Collection [3 DVDs]
Rosario & Vampire Season 2 Collection [3 DVDs]
39,95 EUR
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Magikano Deluxe Boxset [3 DVDs]

29,95 EUR
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Art.Nr.: 1435
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Magikano Deluxe Boxset [3 DVDs]

Haruo Yoshikawa was your run-of-the-mill middle school student: great attendance record, no real plans for the future, and three adorable, loving sisters. Normal, right? Wrong. Haruo and his sisters are, by blood, magic-users. However, Haruo is seemingly unaware of his powers. So his three witch sisters - Maika, Chiaki, and Fuyono - keep him in the dark in the hopes that he'll live a normal life. And they have succeeded... until now!

In the blink of an eye, Haruo's "normal" life does a 180-degree turn into the insane with the appearance of another witch, Ayumi, who for some reason is very interested in turning him into a "real man"... As well as awakening his dormant powers!

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