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Is This A Zombie?! Season 1 Collection [2 DVDs]
Is This A Zombie?! Season 1 Collection [2 DVDs]
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Yu Yu Hakusho Boxset IV (gebraucht) [7 DVDs] -UNCUT-

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Yu Yu Hakusho Boxset IV (gebraucht) [7 DVDs] -UNCUT-

The Chapter Black Saga. Contains DVD volumes 20-26 of Yu Yu Hakusho in a high-quality Artbox!

During the harrowing Dark Tournament Yusuke Urameshi stood against certain doom and emerged victorious. Sakyo's demise signaled the end of his vile dream of unleashing hordes of demons on an unsuspecting human population. Or has it?

A new threat has emerged wishing to continue Sakyo's dark work in the form of Sensui, a former Spirit Detective who abandoned his duties as Living World's protector. The Dark Angel recruits the aid of ordinary humans who have been blessed with most unusual powers. With their help the dream of opening the tunnel has become a most terrible reality.

Armed with new allies of his own, Yusuke Urameshi is back on the case and charging headlong into Sensui's lair. As the epic battle between Spirit Detectives past and present plays out to its climax, shock follows shock as one of Living World’s greatest heroes learns more about himself than he could have ever imagined... and is destroyed in the process!

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