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Is This A Zombie?! Season 1 Collection [2 DVDs]
Is This A Zombie?! Season 1 Collection [2 DVDs]
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Battle Angel Alita [DVD]

14,95 EUR
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Art.Nr.: 2462
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Battle Angel Alita [DVD]

Gally... a cool efficient bounty hunter, armed with knife, fists and a lethal metal body. She is the Battle Angel, a Hunter-Warrior paid by "The Factory" to eliminate Scrap Iron City's most wanted and dangerous criminals.

Raised by Cyber-Doctor Ido, who found her broken cyborg body in the rubble beneath the sky city of Zalem, she has no memory of the past and an even more uncertain future. A pawn in a game played with living pieces, Gally finds herself set into motion against such foes as brutal spine thieves, the brain-eating gladiator Greweicia, the sinister Mr. Vector and the beautiful but ruthless Dr. Chiren.

The greatest threat of all, however, comes from Gally's own employers. When the mysterious Factory orders the execution of her best friend, Gally must make a terrible choice between her own code of honor and the life of the man she loves.

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