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Rosario & Vampire Season 1 Collection [3 DVDs]
Rosario & Vampire Season 1 Collection [3 DVDs]
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Cyberteam in Akihabara Boxset (Thinpak) [6 DVDs]

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Art.Nr.: 1665
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Cyberteam in Akihabara Boxset (Thinpak) [6 DVDs]

A white prince gives Hibari a PataPi, a mechanical pet that goes beyond just a kid's toy-this pet has extraordinary powers. And now a mysterious black prince is trying to steal her prized pet. Hibari forms Cyber Team with others who own such pets. Together they'll try to solve the mystery, and PataPis' will prove they're no ordinary child's toy and this is no longer child's play! Back after a nine year hiatus, the Lemon Game is alive and well... well, more alive than a game should be. As events occurring within Lemon's virtual battlefield continue to spill over into reality, Mayor Hadim and Moderato begin two separate searches and arrive at one suitable conclusion: A hacker is in the system.

But is a hacker really using the Lemon Game server to access the city's mainframe and terrorize the citizens of Xenon? And who could the hacker be? Or is it something entirely different? Could there be a ghost in the machine, bent on escaping its virtual prison?

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