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Ga-Rei-Zero Collection [3 DVDs]
Ga-Rei-Zero Collection [3 DVDs]
39,95 EUR
incl. 19 % UST exkl.
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Princess Resurrection Collection [4 DVDs]

39,95 EUR
incl. 19 % UST exkl.
Art.Nr.: 3137
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Princess Resurrection Collection [4 DVDs]

The complete series of the anime following the adventures of a man who is reborn as the slave to a princess from a kingdom of monsters. Hiro (voice of Fuyuka Oura) sacrifices his life to save the mysterious Hime (Ayako Kawasumi). Fortunately, Hime possesses supernatural powers and is able to bring him back to life - less fortunately for Hiro, she will only do so if he agrees to obey her. The episodes are: 'Princess Resurrection', 'Princess Destruction', 'Princess Rampage', 'Princess Negotiation', 'Princess Blood Relationship', 'Princess Alliance', 'Princess Lightning', 'Princess Secret Room', 'Princess Monochrome', 'Princess Recollections', 'Princess Cat-Tongue', 'Princess Attrition', 'Princess Sacrifice', 'Princess Running', 'Princess Visiting', 'Princess Succession', 'Princess Maturity', 'Princess Hunter', 'Princess Ocean', 'Princess Connection', 'Princess Banishment', 'Princess Carnage', 'Princess Zombie', 'Princess Duel', 'Princess Delinquent' and 'Princess Coma'.

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